Back to normal—soon

I have had two young visitors for the last week. I planned some interesting activities for us to do, but I forgot just how busy little ones are. Silly me! I thought I’d be able to squeeze in a few weaving activities, but have not even been able to think about designs.

Saturday was an especially busy day. Since it was my mother’s birthday, we had a pool party with all the generations of cousins. I can’t keep up with first, second, or even once-removed cousins. All I know is that the cousins have toddlers now, and all the generations had fun in the pool.

The Parker County Posse has had a rodeo for more years than I can remember. Each year, at the last performance, they honor members who have died the previous year. The memorial includes a riderless horse being led out into the arena by one of the members while the other members are “at attention” on their horses. My father was one of the  five honored with this memorial this year.



The whole family went to the rodeo, the first time in many, many years for most of us. I was prepared for the boys to be bored with the events, but they loved it! They even went into the arena to participate in the calf scramble and the goat scramble.  CalfScrambleThey then thought they were ready for the mechanical bull and mutton busting!





My son-in-law sent me this picture. While having a hamburger at 11:30 PM, I explained this concept to the children.


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