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Yarn and more yarn

Yes, I was pretty excited about having some newly dyed yarns, but after starting the weaving yesterday, I realized that I will need more of some of the other colors. When I first sorted the yarns that I was going to use, I just eyeballed them instead of actually weighing these leftover bits and pieces. Not a good practice! So it’s off to the dye pots today! While the yarns are doing their thing, I will be mowing, stopping only to do a little stirring. I set my time to remind me that pots need attention. I love seeing those colors coming out of the dye pots!

Record keeping is not one of my strengths. I keep really good records of the dyeing and the warp left on the loom, but not of the finished pieces. Late last year, I started putting a date in the spreadsheet I keep for finished pieces, but that means many pieces on that list are unattached to a year. Recently, I was asked for a date on a piece, so what did I do? My memory certainly was not going to help! Blogging! Did a search, and, yes, there it was!

4 thoughts on “A reason to blog

  1. Donna Kallner

    You make me feel better, Sherri! I’m ultra-organized on many things, but this kind of record-keeping tends to slip through the gaps. Searching the blog is a great idea — thanks!

  2. Sherri

    Glad it was helpful. Hmmm…ultra organized? I don’t think I could make that claim, although artist friends are horrified at my spreadsheets. So, now I’ve got a spreadsheet for finish dates and a research resource for the others. Yay!

  3. Meg

    Know what you mean. I search my blog for most everything about what I’ve been doing these last… goodness this side of 2006!

  4. Sherri

    Meg, you’re way ahead of me! Never occurred to me until I was forced to come up with a date fro a publication. It’s funny because I’ve been keeping an online record of what I do everyday for two years now. When they send me an email reminder to record the day’s activities, they also send what I was doing maybe a year ago or three months ago. Somehow doing that makes me feel more productive.


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