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A reason to blog


Yarn and more yarn

Yes, I was pretty excited about having some newly dyed yarns, but after starting the weaving yesterday, I realized that I will need more of some of the other colors. When I first sorted the yarns that I was going to use, I just eyeballed them instead of actually weighing these leftover bits and pieces. Not a good practice! So it’s off to the dye pots today! While the yarns are doing their thing, I will be mowing, stopping only to do a little stirring. I set my time to remind me that pots need attention. I love seeing those colors coming out of the dye pots!

Record keeping is not one of my strengths. I keep really good records of the dyeing and the warp left on the loom, but not of the finished pieces. Late last year, I started putting a date in the spreadsheet I keep for finished pieces, but that means many pieces on that list are unattached to a year. Recently, I was asked for a date on a piece, so what did I do? My memory certainly was not going to help! Blogging! Did a search, and, yes, there it was!