A Record

This is a record for me. I cut a piece off the loom and tied on again. I’m ready to go! Now if I could just decide where I’m going. I’m thinking of doing a square piece that I call Peruvian Fish, so not original in concept, but in implementation. The design is made of triangles, and since I love pre-Colombian textiles, I love this design. I found it in a book called Handbook of Regular Patterns by Peter S. Stevens. This is a book about symmetry and is out of print, but you can find very expensive copies available online. I first saw this book in Santa Fe at Borders and have regretted that I didn’t buy it ever since. Never have I seen it available in a store again. The local library has a copy, though, and I finally bought myself a paperback copy from an online dealer. However the description of the condition of the book did not match actuality. By the way, I know that book titles should be underlined, not boldface, but cannot figure out how to do that in this format. Nor can I figure out how to get strikethroughs. Help would be appreciated.

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