Guild Challenge

It’s been a while since I posted, but there’s really not much to say. I worked on lots of samples, did some weaving, and thought about the Guild Challenge. I usually don’t participate in the challenge, but thought I might this year. Each member drew two paint chips from a sack. The challenge is to used those paint chip colors, plus one other color of our choice, in a woven piece. You can also move your colors along the gray scale by adding white or black. My colors are a green and a gold-y yellow. I have been wanting to attempt a pulled warp piece, and this might be the ideal time to experiment with that. So, last night I made a scale drawing of a flattened cube, copied it, and colored away. Having that new all-in-one printer is really great! I can make copies and experiment with colored pencils all I want. Even if the pulled warp part of this project doesn’t work, I can still sew this thing into a cube–I think. As far as samples, I think I’ve decided on colors and will start on the real skeins tomorrow. Maybe by the middle of next week I can have all the colors dyed to show my client. Pictures of the colors, etc tomorrow. Off to do errands now.

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