All Squared Up!


Since I need to have something going on the loom when the photographer came, I decided to do these quick down and dirty pieces, shown here before finish work. I’d already been working on designs for a commission, so used two of those possibilities and yarns already on hand to weave. After doing the first one, I continued on with its counterpart while the commission yarns were being dyed. This also gave me an estimate of the time needed to weave three similar pieces. Below is roughly the idea of the three pieces. The yellow one will be woven last while I make some adjustments to the design. The small lime square will become something else. The greens will be the same greens as are in the green piece, so the greens shown in the yellow piece are off. I think my favorite is the middle one. For my discussion with the customer, I took my little paper cutouts of the designs, a piece of green fabric the same color as the wall where they will hang, and all of the dyed yarns so that we could really check colors. The green one is in progress right now.

YellowsUntitled-6 with rectangle

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