Bottle Trees

Not a thing about weaving here, unless you’re inspired by color or graphics shown. My mind wanders while weaving, so I keep a notepad to write down things I want to remember later. That way there is no need to leave the loom to take care of whatever crossed over into consciousness; I can do it later from my notes. This post is about one of those “monkey brain” thoughts: bottle trees.

A few posts ago I mentioned a book that I had read, On Folly Beach by Karen White. The setting was in the outer banks of South Carolina and bottle trees played an important to the story. I have heard of bottle trees, and as a child, I may even have seen one or two, but I decided to do a little research—isn’t the internet wonderful? The pictures below came from this site. You can also find some history and many more pictures of bottle trees if you go there. Many are quite beautiful.imageBelow: Greg Grant’s garden, near Timpson, Texasimage

Below: Jenks Farmer, near Florence South Carolina.

I especially like this one, which is made from old telephone pole transformer things (or maybe it’s electric poles), or whatever they’re called. Love the lines in this piece.image

One thought on “Bottle Trees

  1. Rebecca Mezoff

    Having grown up in NM, I had no idea what bottle trees were until I started dating someone in Mississippi… I’ve never seen one in New Mexico, but they are everywhere in the south–and I do have to admit that with some pretty blue glass, they are quite attractive!


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