A teeny glossary


My last post was short, included a big picture and lots of weaving words to go along with the “lots of color.” With that in mind, here’s a bit of terminology. This only applies to my weaving, not the big world of weaving in general. We all have our own methods. It would be great if anyone wants to jump in here and add to the discussion.

By the way, that colorful picture of all my butterflies? It’s worse now. I just seem to keep adding them.

Warp-The threads that are on the loom. In this case, they are white and will not be seen in the finished weaving.

Weft-The yarn that is being woven. It goes horizontally across the warp and will cover the warp completely. It is what is weaving the design.

Weft butterflies-Butterfly is the name given to the organization of the weft because of the shape. Weavers may also organize their wefts on bobbins. Here’s a video about making butterflies. Rebecca Mezoff also has one here. I tried to embed them, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards today.

Sett-The refers to the spacing of the warp threads. In this case, 6 epi means 6 ends per inch.

Reed-A device that keeps the warp threads in their place. It is as wide as the woven piece or wider, made of two top and bottom horizontal bars in which metal dividers are inserted. The reed being used has 6 dents (spaces) per inch.

Sley the reed-old terminology, before 1050, from Middle or Old English, for inserting each warp thread into the spaces of the reed. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sley

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