Today did not turn out as planned, but all in all, much was accomplished. Many, many phone calls, looking for long-lost records, and more phone calls. I am LOVING having the new HP printer/copier/scanner/fax. The copier and fax functions have come in very handy to fax off some of the needed records. Took care of lots of business today.

We set up the grid for the booth, thankfully, since I discovered that I will need to buy some grid panels that are 8 feet tall in order to display some of my pieces. I will buy them from Store Supply Warehouse. Then went to Lowe’s to look for track lights that you can plug into an outlet. I’ve heard that they are available, but not at Lowe’s. Also bought S-hooks for hanging on the grid panel and some clip-on lights. Now I have to research the kind of bulbs to put in the lamps.

Next week’s calendar is looking pretty full already. The roofers will be here Wednesday and Thursday, and I arranged to get photographs of my 3 newest pieces on Monday. Then there are the things I need to do to help out my parents.

I am really hoping that some rain will come one day next week. It’s been very windy here, and we’re having a drought.

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