Preparing for Main Street

Today we will be setting up the booth components to see how difficult (or easy) that will be in preparation for the Main Street Arts Festival. I hope the wind lies down a bit or we’ll spend all our time holding up the grid walls. Of course, the definition of a grid is that it’s full of holes, right? So the wind should just blow right through. I also need to call and find out exactly how the canopy is constructed so that I can make a decision about lights.

And, since this is G’s day off, I think I’ll do a little work in the garden. I’ve got an area in the front that’s dry and useless…maybe plant gourds? And in the back I’ve got an old clawfoot bathtub with a couple of lantana plants in it, but there’s room for cucumbers. Digging around in the dirt is always good for the soul–at least for me. Probably no weaving today, though.


I love my credit union. They have always been great folks to work with, and now that some banks have gotten sooooo big, I’m even more convinced that local is better. Found out yesterday that I can get a seasonal-use merchant processing. I only pay the monthly fee when I actually need the service.

The new roof will be installed next week. Not looking forward to the noise and mess associated with that, but glad to have the decision made. I’m sure everyone knows that THINKING about the decision is quite frequently worse than actually MAKING the decision. Of course, we’ll all probably get flat tires from leftover roofing nails.

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