This is the way I’ve been feeling lately. I want to take a trip—or do whatever, but can’t because of my jury duty status. Of course, none of this would enter my mind if I wasn’t tied down by that obligation. It’s the telling me I can’t that makes me want to rebel. Yesterday, while mowing the yard, I did have an actual physical spot I couldn’t scratch, which made me think of this word again. It was a new one for me. You can sign up to receive a daily word with meaning. One the words I liked best was the word to describe that wonderful smell of the first raindrops in summer, when they hit pavement or whatever, after a dry spell. Of course, I don’t remember the word, but just the knowledge that there IS one I found very interesting. I looked it up, and here it is. According to Wordsmith, the word of the day folks, acnestis is as below:




noun: The part of the body where one cannot reach to scratch.


From Greek aknestis (spine), from Ancient Greek knestis (spine, cheese-grater).


“In what has to be the longest post-election season in living memory, the last five months have felt like an acnestis upon our collective soul; like that little patch of skin on our backs that we just can’t reach to scratch ourselves. It’s irritating. It’s annoying. It’s left us reaching and spinning around in circles.”
A Wish List to Soothe Our Collective Itch; New Straits Times (Malaysia); Aug 5, 2008.

In Other News

I tied my warp for the next project in record time (for me) and started weaving. I had to tweak my design (thank goodness I checked before getting too far into the weaving) because my plan called for a 40 inch width, but the warp is only 39 inches. Makes a difference!  The list is long this week, but I’d like to see how fast I can get this off the loom…a personal challenge. But I also have to start getting things ready for visits for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. That means more housework than I usually do. Oh, well, once a year you just gotta buck up and do it!

Tomorrow I am taking a drive to deliver a piece to its new home—literally new. The house should be finished and ready for move-in soon. It will be a nice drive, if long.

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