Well, it is Halloween …


My grandson sent me this picture, so thought I’d share. It’s gross, of course, as that’s what pleases little boys his age. I had thoughtfully sent him some pictures of sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos, and this is what I get. If you want to see it bigger, go here.

I have been weaving frantically for the last several days and was rewarded with being able to cut off the piece today. Even though it seems to take FOREVER to tie the ikat, the weaving goes quite fast. I put on a warp of about 33 yards at a time, so one of my greatest fears is running out of warp in the middle of a project. I very carefully measure the warp used by recording it on a spreadsheet the day of cutoff. According to my records I cut off the last piece on October 3. Not bad, heh.

I spent several evenings winding weft yarns into balls this week, so the next project is ready to go. Will tie the warp back on tomorrow. It will be tapestry, so it will be interesting how long it will take to weave a 40 x 40 piece. That is, if I get to weave…see below.

I am still checking in daily on my jury duty status—am obligated for that through Nov. 6. Somehow the possibility of being on a federal jury sounds very serious. Wonder why?

Best of all, though, is the sunshine. We actually have some! Officially this has been the cloudiest October on record, and it shows in my state of mind. We should have sunshine for the next several days, so I’m hoping the yard will dry enough that I can run the mower without getting stuck to the axles.

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