American Craft Council

Speaking of the economy, I received a message from the American Craft Council that its shows in Charlotte and Sarasota have been cancelled. Here’s a quote from the message:

The Charlotte and Sarasota shows have provided great community outreach but unfortunately have experienced a decline in artist participation, public attendance and revenue. It no longer makes sense for the Council to subsidize these losses. This change will allow us to focus on our four shows located in diverse geographic areas: the flagship show in Baltimore and the shows in Atlanta, St. Paul, and San Francisco. Through these four shows, the Council will concentrate on presenting the best shows and best work for our artists, members and public audiences. We look forward to working with all artists who choose to present some of the nation’s finest craft at these venues.

Guess this means I don’t have to make the decision to spend the money to go to Charlotte. That really was going to be an expensive undertaking for me. But at least I can say that I was selected to participate, right?

I always feel inspired after even a short trip like the one this past weekend. I even figured how to sync my new phone with the computer this morning! Now if I could just get the Bluetooth devices to embrace each other!

Now I notice that none of the pictures are not clicking to the larger size today. What have I done now? “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

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