Another busy week

Ikat back on board

Frustration on two levels

Even though it was a bit of a frustrating week, things got done. Above is the dyed ikat back on the board. It looks like measuring in 1/4 of a woven inch is working better. This is only partially untied, but as you can see where the pink arrow is, the line between dyed/undyed is pretty crisp. Now will it stay that way as I work? Who knows.

A seam ripper comes in handy when untying the ikat tape. The only one I had was small, but that’s an unimportant detail because I couldn’t find it. Off to the store and getting a collection of seam rippers, none of them small. I need one with a Bluetooth connection that I can use my phone to find.

collection of seam rippers

And more frustration. My Rowenta iron died. It’s the kind with the huge separate water reservoir. It stopped steaming or holding a temperature. So, being that kind of person, research was necessary. The kind that shut off automatically drive me nuts. In a Good Housekeeping review, I found this one, ordered it, and got it Monday. Back in business. It does turn off automatically, but if it’s on its heel, after 30 minutes. I can live with that.

New iron

The iron was important because I had committed to getting this one piece mounted. And here it is! Done! I stretched canvas over stretcher bars and then covered that with linen. Then I stitched the whole shebang to the canvas. I still need to put paper on the back and a hanger, but the hard part is done. This piece, before mounting is about 28 x 4 inches–I think. Will measure later.

Tah da


On couch

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