Are we there yet?

LayersLayers, ©2009 Sherri Woodard Coffey, Hand-dyed wool tapestry

I feel like a kid on a road trip while waiting for spring. About the time I think spring is really here, it’s cloudy and cold again.

I’m trying to finish up the piece on the loom. It’s been so long, I’m going to remind myself of the way estimated look of the piece. imageOf course, this is just computer generated colors on the right—they never match the real thing. Anyway, I’m making a real effort to finish this week, with a goal of 3-6 inches a day.Crossroad2_2




Today I needed to do some errands, but went to town without my purse. Not an effective way to get things done. However, it gave me the opportunity to visit with a friend that I haven’t seen in several years. Nice!

Is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to DST?

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