Spring and Warm Sunshine

image As I worked outside on Saturday, I was surprised that I actually got too warm in my long-sleeved shirt with a tee over it. Wow! it’s been a long time since that happened.

GardenBed_2010 I planted my one of my garden beds—the other one is still just a vision in my head. Many years ago, I had a really big garden every year, and either canned or froze the extra veggies. The former garden area has become overrun with weeds, so this is an experiment this year with weed-control cloth. And when we get our dog days of summer, we’ll see how much I still care about gardening. That’s the time when it’s hard to keep everything watered, and the squash bugs breed like crazy. The paths in between the beds are to be 12-inch pavers, another grand experiment. I think I will use extra cinder blocks to make anther bed eventually.

Weaving still continues on the same piece. At least I only have about 9 inches to go, so there’s hope that it will eventually cut off the loom.

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