Back Breaking Work

This morning is ikat measuring and wrapping morning. The afternoon will be occupied with the crown for that unfortunate broken tooth and Mother’s computer work.

Bending over an ikat board can be hard on the back. I will think seriously about raising it up with casters or some other device. For the wrapping part, I will be able to sit down for much of the timMagenta_ikat_fulle. I realized as I was measuring this that it is going to take a LOT of wrapping! The cartoon is the white paper that is barely visible at the top of the magenta yarn in the top photo. Wish I knew how to insert an arrow, but …


Close up of magenta yarn on board.

I will have to insert a string into each pegged loop and tie the string to the outer pegs so that I can wrap the yarns close to the turning loop. There will be about 2 inches of black border around the entire piece. You can see what the plan is here.

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