Note to self…

In the recent ikat measuring, I used 1-inch sections since the whole design is straight lines of various rectangles, and I wanted a little more of a “fuzzier” look at the color edges. However, 1-inch sections are a little harder to manage. Think next time 1/2-inch sections would be more manageable. I’m going to have to “cowboy up” (as they say here in Texas) for the next project and test all those mathematical calculations for the spiral and/or an animal stripe. With those kind of designs, the wraps will probably only be 1/4-inch sections.


I decided to wrap all the sections close to the pegs first ‘cause they’re the hardest to do. The first 8 sections will be tied all the way across to within 2.5 inches of the pegs on both sides.

Does anyone make an LED battery powered light? May need to do a search for one. Since I moved the loom and this ikat station, my lighting needs to be changed. There’s no convenient way to plug in a light for use with the ikat table in this location.

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