Task Lighting


              Stick up bulb by Westinghouse


LED Battery Operated Puck Light


After reading Jennifer’s comment, I decided to do a little more research into task lighting possibilities. I did a quick search on lowes.com, trying to see what might be available locally, but have found more possibilities online. Pegasus has many battery-powered lights, but I like what they call barbecue lights on this page. They clip on and have a flexible neck so that the light can be positioned where you need it. Unfortunately, it costs $45. I bought one of the little lights like the one pictured directly above, but it doesn’t shine where I need it. It would be great inside a cabinet, though. I’ll just have this whole lighting project in the back of my mind for when I get out again. Generally, I’m not much of a shopper, so that could be a while. Unless, of course, I get compulsive about this.

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