Back in the saddle…

SquaresDiptychHave you ever stopped doing something for so long that you don’t know how to start again? That’s where I’ve been living lately. BUT…finally, I’m weaving again! Not sure I’m loving the piece I’m weaving, but I’m weaving. And a funny thing is happening at the same time…Ideas are floating through my head about other possible designs! Yippee!

And now for a little color. The picture above comes from a NY Times article about the color blue. All kinds of stuff about blue through history and even science. Interesting article. You can even read about the newly discovered monkey species with the blue, ahem, rear. I especially like the first paragraph about blue:

For the French Fauvist painter and color gourmand Raoul Dufy, blue was the only color with enough strength of character to remain blue “in all its tones.” Darkened red looks brown and whitened red turns pink, Dufy said, while yellow blackens with shading and fades away in the light. But blue can be brightened or dimmed, the artist said, and “it will always stay blue.”

An aspect of blue I’d never thought about before.

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