Blue on Tuesday, Violet on Thursday

imageEven a non-quilter can enjoy the wisdom that comes from a quilter. A friend first told me about Joen Wolfrom many years ago when she mentioned this book. imageShe has many books on color and design which can be applied to other genres. Last year she had a series of emails about color which covered contrast and value with exercises to do using paints. I still receive emails from her, which usually are about once a month. Since I mentioned the NYT article about blue, I though I’d mention Wolfrom’s email that arrived on Wednesday—violet. And since purple is my favorite color, here’s a link to that information. I love this quote:

During the reign of the Roman Empire, violet dye was extraordinarily rare. It could only be made from the crushing of thousands of the rare Mediterranean Murex sea shells. These shells were found in Tyre, Lebanon. In today’s high finance, the cost of dying the violet from these shells for one toga would cost more than $ 45,000.00

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