Still busy redoing my website. I’m thinking of moving my blog to WordPress, since that’s where the website will be. Not sure about importing all those posts, though. Another recent find in the WSJ was an article called A Champion of the Wari. The Incas have always been a fascination of mine and I only really became aware of the Wari at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. My post about that is here. I love this quote:

“I wanted to choose a culture important to the Inca,” and the Wari—who were to the Inca as the Greeks were to the Romans—fit. “The Wari material is more beautiful than the Inca,” Ms. Bergh adds. Of course, that’s subjective. But where Inca art tends to be geometric, abstract, muted in color and simple in composition, she says, Wari objects are more figurative and rendered in “riotous colors.”

Follow the link for some beautiful Wari images.

Tapestry Tunic in the Wari Style from Peru

(courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art)

South America, Peru, Middle Horizon, Wari style, 7th-11th century
Tapestry Tunic, 600-1000
Camelid-fiber (probably alpaca) weft, cotton warp; single-interlock tapestry
Overall H: 202.6cm W: 112cm
John L. Severance Fund


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