Smile, it’s MassKara

Image:Masskara festival1.jpg


This really has nothing to do with anything except for the colorful costumes. I occasionally read a blog called Live in Full Color, where I found the reference to MassKara. The Wikipedia info is here.

I completed a huge task (for me) over the weekend. Finally I cleaned the hard drives of two computers. They are loaded in the car and will go to Goodwill soon. Last Thursday I discovered another task (to go along with about a million others) that needs to be done. My niece got married and was having the reception at the Community Arts Center. The Texas Artists Coalition is mounting a members’ exhibit, allowing two pieces from each member. I thought I would take my pieces when I went to the reception. Sadly, I discovered that the hanging board wasn’t with the piece. I couldn’t find it anywhere. All of this work has remained in this condition since I took down an exhibit over a year ago—a symbol of my state of mind for the last year. The task is to unwrap all those pieces and get them organized. Fun, huh?

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