It’s an amazing world we live in! A few weeks ago, I read that the Metropolitan Museum of Art and its digitized publications. Truly amazing the scope of available works there. They cover topics from African Art to Prehistory. Above is a title that might be appealing to weavers and dyers, downloadable as a PDF.
Then last week, while doing errands, I heard about education opportunity on our locally produced radio program Think.  The Khan Academy is a free site for online classes. They say that they have “207,126,559 lessons delivered” and “Learn almost anything for free.” I haven’t had time to explore there yet, but did click on the Art History tab. Here’s what’s available there:

Then I read about an art project between Kimbell Art Museum and Google, where you can find many of works of art from their collection. But the Kimbell is not the only museum catalogued. Images from the Acropolis to the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University are available, literally from A to Z. Do you have any interesting virtual places to add?

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