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Since education is on my mind, thought I’d mention a couple more. I mentioned the Khan Academy before. They have an Introduction to Art History section. Even though the topics look really interesting, they are videos. I would much rather read than watch a video on my computer. But I may force myself to watch one called The Skill of Describing. I really don’t know, but I’m hoping that it’s a “talking about art” video. Which brings me to another topic.

Abstract Contemporary Textile Painting / Art Quilt - Structures #98 ©2008 Lisa Call

Structures #98
29″ x 30″
Available at Bluestone Fine Art Gallery

I have recently been taking a class from Lisa Call about Working in a Series. You can see what is included in the eight week workshop by following the link. Lisa provided lots of information about various artists and their works in a series. We were also given assignments based on design principles and some questions about the process and the design we ended up with. Through this process, I have ended up with several designs I like and the possibility of doing a series. And this brings me full circle back to the first paragraph: I learned that I don’t know how to talk about art, how to analyze and critique, not just my art, but other art as well. Now, generally, I find artspeak silly, but some standard vocabulary would be helpful. Something to work on.

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