Back to normal—whatever that is

Canoe_ballsCanoe filled with brightly colored glass balls (Beck)

The boys flew home Saturday, leaving me to come home to a really quiet house. I’m sure I will adjust, but for now…it’s really quiet. The departure took quite a while, since I learned my lesson last year. That time, when they boarded the plane, I left. A few miles down the highway, I received a text message from American that the flight had been cancelled. What a panicky feeling! Of course they were fine, well protected by the employees at the podium, but still. So this year I stayed until I was assured that the plane was on its way to their home. Now it’s time to tackle the walls and floor in the living and dining rooms. Plus, there’s a photographer coming on Friday to take pictures for an article in a local magazine. As much as I would like to be madly weaving, something needs to be on the loom for that.Balls_snakes

But first, a few pictures of the Chihuly installation. All of these were taken by the boys.Zane_fog I love the mist coming up from the stream that Zane caught with his camera. And it shows you just how hot it was that day!

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