Books and other musings


I saw a link from Cynthia Morris about bookstores from Trazzler. Wow! Take a look at some of these inspiring stores. I’ve always loved bookstores and the books that are in them. Recently Rebecca Mezoff posted about a bookstore find in Portland—her find is also in the Trazzler article. Maybe I’ll have to take a trip there, although the desert is calling my name. So, while visiting Rebecca’s blog, take a look at her pictures of the Arizona desert. Wonder if that’s anywhere near Tucson? Also wondering how hot Tucson will be in July, which is about the soonest I can get there.

I cut the latest “swirl” off the loom, and now the loom sits naked. Always something weird about that. But this is going to be dye week.  Yard work week. Cleaning out the detritus week. I’m finally to a somewhat normal (whatever that is) time as relates to my executor duties. I plan to reclaim my dining room table. Already I can see that this week has too much to do.

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