Yarn storage and studio space

Yarns_waiting_basketYarns rewound and waiting for a basket

Yarn-basketsLocker baskets waiting for yarn

I’ve seen pictures of James Koehler’s studio before and am always enthralled by the shelves of yarns. A recent post (with pictures) by Rebecca Mezoff reminded me again of how gorgeous those yarns are. I was thinking about those as I rewound partially used balls of yarn. How did he decide the grouping of the colors? With some of my yarns, I can’t decide to which group they belong. Red? Orange? Should I look at the dye formulas and use the color that has the highest percentage?


My studio: The purple chair is used at the ikat measuring table. An Elfa shelf is planned for above the windows for holding finished pieces.

My friend has recently started renting studio space and her production has increased tremendously. I think about that and wonder if the same would be true for me. Then I run up against the dyeing part. As things stand now, I can start my dyepots, set the timer, and go back inside to weave, checking on the yarns while they simmer. I also wonder if the presence of other artists would make me less focused and more social, thus not getting as much work done. On the other hand, being around people might be a plus. Nevertheless, I probably won’t be moving out of my studio anytime soon. Just the thought of packing up all that stuff is a huge deterrent.

2 thoughts on “Yarn storage and studio space

  1. Laura

    I hear you about packing the studio up! I’ve essentailly told my dh that we are here until I’m done weaving. 🙂

  2. Rebecca Mezoff

    I think the answer about James lies in his tendency to weave very monochromatically. Honestly, though the shelves look so amazing and vibrant, most of the groupings of each color are shades (different depth of shade) of one hue and there weren’t that many different hues in each category (for example maybe only 3 different blues). Of course he then had his student palette which was a different thing entirely.
    I have the same problem you do. I have a huge range of colors and they don’t fall easily into any one category… plus I just don’t have space to put them all out where I can see them which is a huge disadvantage when choosing colors for a piece.


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