Dyeing again—finally!


Dye Swirls

Finally the colors and probable design have been chosen. Outside I go to fill the dyepots (I actually washed and cleaned them after the last session!), and discover that I had forgotten that the water wand that I use had broken in last dye session. I poke around and find the new one that I was sure I had bought. It wouldn’t fit on the hose and I couldn’t remove the fitting. So, I poke around some more for a new hose. Everything is set up, and I’m off! Dyeing browns, tans, and rust. The last dye session (s) will be a mountain of black because several designs that are percolating in my inspiration-free head have black. The browns use various combinations of navy, dull red (as opposed to scarlet), and mustard. The swirls shown at the top caught my attention, so much so that I went back inside to get the camera. Below is a picture after one good stirring. Showing these pictures brings me to confession time. I do not mix up liquid stock of my dyes. I did when I first started, and if I was doing lighter shades, would find it necessary again. Measuring dry dyes gives me good results which are duplicable, with the usual concerns as to dye lots.


Dye swirls 2

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