Busy, busy


Blue ikat unwrapped

This week has been crazy busy–lots of finish work, steaming, completing a weaving, making hanging boards–and the house is a wreck. Unwrapping the ikat doesn’t help with the house. That ikat tape clings to everything, so it gets walked to other parts quite easily. And then there’s the party this weekend. And regular stuff, you know, housework, laundry, normal stuff.

Skull stencil The picture on the left has nothing to do with anything, I just liked it. I ran in to get a couple of art things and saw stencils. This one called my name. All the stencils are 6-inch squares and come in everything from swirly whatevers to geometric designs. Have no idea what to do with this one. Guess it might make a cute Día de los muertos card. That would be in my spare time.

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