Getting ready

The Show-postcard-front guild biennial show is coming up soon. The gallery reception will be September 7, Gallery Night. The theme of the show this year is In the Eye of the Beholder. Each item in the show is to include a photo of the inspiration for the weaving. Should be interesting. I love seeing inspiration and process.

Drafting-table Plywood-table When I decided to take these pictures and, I really didn’t realize that they would appear almost identical. They are very different though. Trust me! On the left is the plywood that was being used as my ikat table. After the last measuring/wrapping session of days, I decided something has to change. On the right is the drafting table that has finally been assembled. It’s tall enough that I can stand and work or sit. The top slants to make it easier to reach the back sections more comfortably. This is the desk from World Market–the one the directions said two adults are needed for assembly. I hate that, not being able to do things by myself.

The next batch of yarns are out and ready to be measured in a palette much different than my usual. No bright colors, some shades of beige, rust, and black.

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