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Wari-catalog Being a little obsessed about it, I went back to the Wari exhibit on Friday, this time getting the recorded tour that goes with the exhibit. Every weaver would enjoy seeing the tapestries in this exhibit, although there are many artifacts to amaze you. For instance, the picture on the cover of the catalogue is actually of a bag of soft leather. You can see the whole bag here. The face is of a stiffer leather that has been molded to the shape of a three-dimensional face. And the little statuette that is kind of THE artifact used most often to publicize the exhibit, is only a few inches tall. The colors of his tunic, face, etc. is made of stones and shells. Truly amazing.

I’ve mentioned before that the weaving is so fine that it is almost impossible to see the joins. The recording said that the warp is horizontal and weft is vertical. Frankly, I’m having a bit of a hard time picturing this since they used backstrap-type looms. The weft is alpaca and is spun very fine, and according to the recording, one centimeter has 100 vertical inches. The colors are still very vibrant. I’m hoping that when I finally get around to studying the catalogue, things will become clearer.

For one more textile related tidbit, the WSJ magazine had an article about a design library with more than seven million textile designs. Although it would be interesting to see, I also think it would be overwhelming. Where to start? Take a look at the slide show for a better idea of what’s there.

In the weaving part of my life, I have made the cartoons for the next ikat piece. In fact, the colors for this piece seem a little Wari-like.

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