Doo wah didlies

Do you ever get in that state of mind where you just can’t focus on anything because nothing is appealing to you? That’s where I am. And I think I’m going to take a week off of weaving and get some work done in other areas, the clean-out-the-garage kind of stuff. Maybe it’s because this time of year has always been a new year kind of feeling, left over from the many years of being in school. Besides, and I don’t know why I fight it so, but I’m an all or nothing kind of person. In my head I can spend part of the day weaving, part of the day doing finish work, and another part doing tasks around the house. Well, nope, that doesn’t work for me! However, I have been doing some weaving-related tasks. Ikat-drafting

Here’s the code for the numbered arrows:

  1. ikat measuring boards with pegs
  2. spacer board to keep the ikat boards a certain distance apart while stretching the yarn
  3. smaller boards to gain more distance since board #2 isn’t long enough
  4. The arrow is actually upside down. The base of the arrow indicates where the pencil rail is on the drafting table.
  5. These arrows are also upside down. The base of each arrow indicates the clamps used to hold things in place. There are others out of sight.

Ikat-in-progress Here are the boards in use with some of the same parts labeled. It was a real trick to get this project to function as needed. I had to go on a hunt for more clamps and bought nearly everything the local store had. Trial and error. And lots of measuring to make sure all distances are the same on both sides. By the way, there is a cartoon under the yarn that is not visible. Another experiment. If one practices enough (and keeps good notes) there should be a project manual of best practices. Right?

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