Busy time of year

Except for those busily completing Christmas gifts, is anyone else doing any weaving? I’m certainly not, but the to-do list has gotten much shorter. There are still a few niggling things that need to get done, and more that haven’t even been added to the list. Like hem towels.

I took some old recipes from grandmothers and great-grandmothers, scanned them, and had towels printed at Spoonflower. This was my first experience doing this and I learned a few things–well, really just one major thing. I’m happy with the cotton/linen fabric and with the way the recipes look. However, I did not choose a good placement on the fabric. They are centered on a fat quarter, but in the wrong direction. I could have printed two on each towel. As it is now, I think they will be too small for “tea” towels, so I am going to take some of the excess fabric and add to the length. Of course, this all could have been avoided if I had just ordered one as a test. Hmm…well, I really didn’t know how long it would take to receive them. I’m sticking with that story. Of course it’s not about impatience!

2 thoughts on “Busy time of year

  1. Kathy

    Sherri, I did the same thing, with recipes in my grandmother’s writing for her grandchildren/great-grandchildren, for Christmas. I, too, scanned them, but could *not* get them to size properly. In the end, I got help, & she used photographs of the recipes, rather than scans. I liked the scans better & would like to do that next time–I thought maybe the pixels in a jpg were more expandable/contractable than a scanned image & that’s why I couldn’t get them to work. How did you get them to size correctly?

    BTW, they were a hit present! I got the sample ahead of ordering, to assess colors & texture, but didn’t end up changing anything. They look great.

    1. Sherri

      I’m sorry, but I don’t remember all the details now, although I think it is still saved in my account. Even that is a problem though, because the different versions are not necessarily distinguishable. I sized them in Photoshop. At one point I changed the size within Spoonflower, but really didn’t like that one. The way mine were sized, they automatically put them on fat quarter. I’m so visual that I should have drawn that out in graph paper first. Next time, right?


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