Learned something new

Learned something new–I had no idea that the weaving of Navajo blankets began so long ago. The quote below is from here. And you can see the Sotheby press release here.
While it is thought that Navajo blankets were woven from the late 1600’s, very few dating from before 1850 have survived. By that time the blankets were well established as a trade item throughout large parts of the American West. The going rate for a Navajo chief’s blanket was one hundred buffalo hides, twenty horses, ten rifles, or five ounces of gold. Chief’s blankets were expensive – by 1830, they were the most expensive garments in the world, but were known for holding their value and were essential for high ranking members of the Plains and Prairie tribes.
And another artist, Joyce Pensato. Several things fascinate me about this artist. The fact that the above piece is painted with enamel on linen is one. But then I checked for other images, and it seems that Batman is a continuing theme, just now branching out into color, and the way she works. See quote below from here.
Pensato draws in charcoal and paints in enamel. For years her palette has been black, white and silver, though color is beginning to make an appearance in her recent paintings. Her drawing process is one of making marks, rubbing them out and making more marks, with line being the essential form. In her paintings, the line is made of enamel that initially appears to have been applied quickly, though its varying densities and its field of drips and splatters makes it clear that it wasn’t done in a single shot. In both drawing and painting Pensato is committed to finding the linear form that captures her subject matter, the cartoon characters and toys of contemporary American culture.
Somehow, an artist using cartoon characters to make this kind of art is surprising to me. But I am interested in line, and of course, color. More images here.

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