Usually I have a scale model of what I am going to weave and just count inches, sections, or whatever during the weaving. When doing these swirly pieces, however, I feel the need to have a cartoon, a life-size drawing of the piece. Below is the to-scale drawing of the weaving plan on graph paper, including notes on colors. At the right is the actual cartoon drawn on Vellum graph paper.



I have a new adaptation that I plan to weave, based on a geode slice. As I started to enlarge the drawing onto graph paper, my frustration level was increasing. So, off the drawing and I went to FedEx Office. The nice young lady there quickly scanned the drawing, went to her computer, enlarged it by ten times, and sent it on to the giant printer. In no time, I had my 3 x 5 cartoon of what I am going to weave. This process costs $0.75 per square foot. Quite exciting and no frustration! Previously, when I have had a cartoon done, we have inserted the actual drawing into the printer, and many mistakes were spit out. This scanning and working on the computer first is much better! Let’s hear it for technology!

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