So totally unlike me…..


but over sixty skeins of yarn are weighed and labeled, ready to dye! These are the yarns on hand that I forgot I had when I place the order for the new 100 pounds of yarn. So, the tree picture above really does belong with this topic. A friend gave me some of these plastic plant tags, and I’ve used the last of them. A little research, and a box of a 1000 of these can be mine for less than $30. These come from Gempler’s, a place I had never heard of before, but I think I’ll give them a call. I can not only write the weight of the skein, but also the dye formula on these labels. Previously, I have used masking tape (satisfactory except for dark colors) and homemade labels from milk cartons and Tyvek. I like these plant ties best, so, a phone call.

All of the new yarns are stored away in their containers, but since I’ve got all these weighed skeins ready to go, who knows when the bins will be opened. There may be a dyeing frenzy around here!

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