A little photography

I ran across the work by a photographer somewhere—don’t remember where. Her name is Michelle Bates. I especially like the section in her portfolio called Graphics.


Within that group there is a section called Urban Oases. This section includes nature in an urban setting. I’m pretty sure that the picture that first caught my attention was the one of tree branches and shadows, something I’ve been photographing myself. There’s also a great picture of roots, another subject of mine. The photo below is of the tree branches in the snow.

Tree branches in snow

The pictures in Graphics section were taken with a Holga camera, and, no, I had never heard of this before. Click on the link to find out more. From what I read, I am guessing that one would need to get these photos processed in a darkroom. Where does one find those nowadays?

2 thoughts on “A little photography

  1. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Used to be that if you wanted really good b&w processing, you’d have to go to a specialty place. I keep thinking I will experiment with black and white with my digital camera. After all, that camera is smarter than I am!


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