Cave drawings

A cave painting of pair of spotted horses, found in the Pech Merle Cave in Cabrerets, southern France. Scientists estimate the drawing, measuring about 4 meters wide by 1.5 meters high, is about 25,000 years old. An ancient DNA study found that Ice Age artists drew horses based on their observations rather than imagination. AP Photo/Center for Prehistory of Pech Merle, P. Cabrol.

This is a wonderful drawing. I love the spots and the way they are also around the the outline of the horse. And look at that proud stance, the angle of their heads. You can see and read the article here.

I wrote the above text several days ago, then amazingly, heard a story from Weekend Edition about these very same horses! The question is, do the drawings reflect what they were seeing or do they reflect imaginary animals. Through DNA testing, scientists have discovered that there really were horses with polka dots! So the drawings of wool mammoths and other extinct animals were based on reality. Gotta love it!

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