imageYou can tell I’m really desperate: I picked up a Threads magazine—actually two because there were articles that interested me in both issues, and, no, they weren’t on sewing.  One article was about pin weaving, something that I keep thinking I will do for those times that you just want to vege out in front of the TV.  The pin weaving illustrated in the article looked somewhat like tapestry, thus appealing to me.  If you look at the Table of Contents, it is listed in the Embellishment section.  There is also an article about constructing a jacket out of double knit wool which has been felted—and, yes, I know that technically the fabric has been fulled—really, really fulled!

imageThe other magazine has an article called:

by Linda Veilleux
Mix silk and wool; add water, and blend

There is mention of a centrifuge, including a sourceimageSeveral years ago I seriously looked into getting one, but all I could find was industrial ones, which is overkill for my situation.  This one sounds much more doable, great for the after-dyeing process of the yarns.

Look at the pictures in this article, if you pick it up, and notice how big the plastic pattern needs to be to make a seamless jacket of felt.  Because the felting shrinks the fabric so much, the jacket pattern has to start out almost as tall as the person is in real life!

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