Fiber in All Places


Transformit’s Fabric Sculpture at the EPA

The picture above is from the Textile Source Blog.  The link will take you to their blog, where you can find many more textile pictures and innovative designs.  I love this picture, which is from a company called Transformit.  Go to their website for even more ideas, some brightly colorful, some more subdued but still exuberant in their design.

I was reading Daryl Lancaster’s blog this morning, which stated my feelings exactly about the New Year being the end of the party/social season.  For me, that means I can finally begin to get back into a routine of creativity and productivity.  Daryl mentions a couple of blogs about that, one of which is Compost and Creativity.  Reminded me of ways I can go about jump starting my creative juices.

I haven’t looked at this list thoroughly, but though others might appreciate the opportunity to look also.  As I poked around in the new-to-me blog, I ran across Donna’s Amazon list of books.  This will need more study, but already it is tempting.  I have the Holly Brackman book on Surface Design and maybe others that I haven’t gotten to yet.  Holly is doing a workshop for our guild April 30-May 2. I think the workshop still has some openings, if anyone is interested.


One thought on “Fiber in All Places

  1. Donna Kallner

    I’m with you — I’ve had enough holiday fun and I’m ready to be back in creative, productive studio mode. Good thing we have lots of leftovers, so there’s no need to cook for a while.


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