A Container for My Jewels—or Whatever


Notice the design for the bead weaving

Yesterday the perfect Christmas present arrived in my mailbox.  After much futzing about to get it opened, I discovered a wonderful surprise.  My daughter-in-law Tina is a bead weaver, and has many creative ideas about how to use her work.  I received a fabulous fabric–covered box with a very special bead weaving on top.  Notice how it looks like a rug—design, fringe, and all.  It is perfect in every way. Perfect colors, perfect design.  How she has the patience to weave with beads, I’ll never know.  Of course, that’s what they say about tapestry weavers, too! 


Interior of box

Tina also does really great jewelry.  Many years ago she gave me a brooch that I really love to wear at the neckline of a blouse.  MyPin And then there’s the pizza made from beads.   Pizza And these hairclips are wonderful, too.  HairclipsBoth Tina and Chad are entering fairs in their area.  You may remember the Yarn Guardian, one of the critters constructed by my son.  Yarn-Guardian2







This year he gave one of the critters to his grandmother, who was absolutely amazed by the zipper he’d inserted in the base.  And all of the cousins had to check out the glow-in-the-dark eyes he makes from Fimo clay.

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