Art and Weaving


Toucan, Beck 2009

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but I’m familiar with several painters and their working processes.  It always amazes me that artists can finish a painting in 1-3 days!  I know they prep their canvasses, and then there’s varnishing and/or framing, so that probably brings it up to a week.  Like all artists, there’s also the incubation period.  When asked how long something took to produce, some weavers I know respond with “All my life.”  That’s kind of a conversation ender to me, but the same could be said for the work of any artist.  All that we are goes into the inspiration, training, etc. of producing any art.  I mention all of this because of the slow nature of weaving.  Each of my pieces takes about 3-4 weeks to finish the weaving.  That’s not counting the actual finishing of the piece—needle weaving ends in (or hemming), heavy steam pressing, and preparing the hanging device.  (Right now I have three pieces that need finish work done.)  One thing that has been surprising to me is that the weft-faced ikat takes about the same number of days to complete.  While measuring the ikat yarn and wrapping with the tape, I feel like it’s taking FOREVER.  But when I look at the dates of the last finished piece to the date of the next time I cut off a piece, it’s about the same number of days.  Even if it does take about a month to just get something off the loom from beginning to end, I love my job!

I am trying to spend some time daily with my sketchbook and either collage papers or pen and pencil.  I’ve never done much with collage, but it might be a springboard to some new designs.  Although, instead of tearing, I may need to use scissors and cut out shapes of some sort.  But, I promise, I will experiment with both methods of collage.

The picture at the top of this post is by my grandson.  He’s a great little artist.  Both the boys seemed to appreciate the new sketchbooks they received.  There is a variety of drawings filling the pages of their books, everything from the Star Wars Clone War characters (Cartoon Network) to anything else that comes to mind.  If you look at the Cartoon Network site about the Clone Wars, can someone tell me what’s up with these sick-looking female characters?  I don’t have cable, so have never seen the actual show, but the drawings look absolutely…what?

I am also going back to tracking studio hours for a while.  I need to get back on track and back to routines. 

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