A Mixed Bag

 Bags_Vogue I’m going to have to either get a cover/bag for my new Kindle or I’m going to have to make one.  Today I looked at pattern books for the first time in ages.  I finally ended up buying Vogue 8407, thinking that the journal cover might work for the Kindle.  In this picture it is in the upper right corner.  Think what you could do with some of your handwoven scraps with these little bags.  Or small pieces of leftover, fabric handwoven or not.  Now, whether I can resurrect my sewing skills to even attempt something like this, well, ….  And, as I am asked when I go off on a tangent like this, “Is this a good use of your time?”  Maybe a cover from Amazon or even these cute ones would be a better use of my time.  I’ve never bought anything from an Etsy store—should I go for it?

Today firewood is being delivered, so a warm fire and weaving is in the future.

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