As I look at this picture, it appears to be an optical illusion in a couple of ways.  What’s most visible, of course, is the yellow shape in the middle.  In “real life” though, it is the violet/blue crosses that are most dominant.  Also, the crosses appear to have a black outlining line around them.  That has a term in the color world, but I’ve forgotten what it is.  They don’t actually have that line.  We have progress here though.  Yeah!  That warm fire and 3 hours of weaving…  There are two more crosses to go, then a couple of inches of yellow, and, voila! Done!  The crosses are gradations of deepening shades of blue violet.Crosses_progress

Speaking of color optical illusions, look at this website.

Back to creativity… I mentioned the Compost and Creativity blog.  I looked last night and there was a doodling/writing exercise to stimulate creativity.  I can’t wait to play with that this evening.

The fun stuff for this day includes a mammogram.  Yippee! she says sarcastically.

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