Instead of doing what was on my list today, I did what was planned for later in the week. I moved furniture. Now there is chaos everywhere! Instead of finishing up one project first, I have just jumped in with all projects at once. So, the plan is that tomorrow I will weave for the first half of the day and finish at least one project in the afternoon. This will be great once it’s done. I moved what I call my design desk into my office. That will give me room to use my smaller loom in the studio. I have some ideas for small pieces to weave, but don’t want to tie up the big Cranbrook with one of those small pieces. Weaving the small pieces will also be a break from some of the larger pieces that just go on and on sometimes.

The one thing that I accomplished that was actually on the list is getting the new PO box. I have been thinking about this for a while and finally sprung for it. I really don’t want my address on my website, yet there does need to be an alternate way of being contacted.

It’s pretty chilly in the mornings right now, so I’m really looking forward to having a fire in the stove and weaving. That’s a very warm, cozy thing to do in the winter. Love it!

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