Sunday Again

It’s Sunday again, the day I plan the coming week. What I really want to do is weave … I keep procrastinating by using the computer. I have, at least, taken a photo of my studio for Main Street. I will get all the paperwork for them mailed this week. Our guild is participating in a sale on Saturday, December 6, that benefits the Grapevine library, so there is preparation for that this week. The good news is that I made a lot of progress with the current weaving this past week. If all goes well, amid all the other things on the to-do list this week, I could be cutting it off the loom by the end of the week. Yay!!!

I’ve really been thinking about giving this past week. My large family has decided to forgo gifts for donations to a charity. In addition, this past summer I decided that I would start giving 10% of my weaving sales to a cause and/or charity. But which one? I am tempted to give to a school or find a family to help through the school counselor. Or just a random act of kindness like paying for someone’s dinner. I will need to decide soon. But it doesn’t always have to go to the same place, right?

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