Keeping up

The new warp, all 33 yards of it, is on the loom, tied on the front, and weaving has begun! But today is a “keeping up” day–catching up on housework, planning for the coming week, etc. I am hoping to weave a bit later this afternoon.

Last night I rewound on balls the yarns from my last project and got the ikat yarns organized for the current project. The problem with the ikat yarns is that they have to be organized in the order that they will be used. If I have to stop in the middle of that organization process, I have to write myself a note about where I was. But I love the effect that woven weft-faced ikat has, so it’s worth the extra effort. If you click on the image at the right, you can see the “fuzzy” edges of the ikat part.

Fine Art Department

Tracy Helgeson has started a new blog called Fine Art Department. Read about her idea on her blog. So far, I love all the art on the page. Great idea! It’s nice to see art from various artists collected in one place.

Art Festivals
Tonight I accepted my invitation to Main Street and paid for my booth. A scary thing to do! I’ve read all the iinformation for artists and feel overwhelmed by it all. I’m just hoping that I can get all the paperwork in when it’s supposesd to be in, and learn how to set up a booth quickly and efficiently before the big day arrives. The booth didn’t cost as much as expected because I am entered as an “emerging artist.” Since I didn’t have a booth shot to enter for the jurying, they allow emerging artists to enter without one. However, emerging artists’ booths are not on Main Street, but on a short side street. This will be a way to gain experience–and to get that oh-so-necessary booth shot!

I’ve really got to do lots of weaving AND get through the holidays with all the usual happenings. I’ve two shows coming up: Main Street Art Festival, which I mentioned above, is in April. Then in November, I’ve been invited to the American Craft Council Show in Charlotte.

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