Warping the loom

I’ve been busy doing other things, but it’s finally time to get that warp on the loom. Some of the things I’ve been doing are actually excuses to NOT warp. But other chores have been absolutely necessary–going through old files, getting the plumber out, etc.

I’ve got one of the first warping wheels made by AVL, and since I only warp about once a year, I forget everything I need to know in order to warp again. Plus, the counter on the wheel doesn’t work (does anybody’s?), so I have to count every time I hear a certain sound. But at least it’s easier to count 11 revolutions at a time than counting 33 revolutions, which is what I’d be doing if I was using the tension box and winding directly on to the beam. My mind goes walk-about way before getting to 33. The number is not magic. It’s just a number I came up with when buying cones of yarn and figuring out exactly how many cones I’d need.

The ikat weft is dyed and ready to go. It has purple sections on a black background. After dyeing those colors, I decided that I didn’t like the greens I’d dyed to go with the ikat. I pulled out some orange and golden yellow skeins that I like better. The greens will be used for another project, maybe another weft ikat with the green on one side and another color on the opposite side. I’ll experiment with that on the computer and post a possibility. You can see what I have (and had)planned in the picture above. I’ve also included pictures of the purple yarns tied with the ikat tape before over dyeing. You can also see the ikat board in one of the pics. I should have left the yarn stretched out on the board before taking the picture but I forgot. I love this Japanese You Tube video of someone tying yarns for ikat. The video is totally silent except for the squeak of the ikat tape being tightened: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BUY1t13bg0

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