imageI seem to be obsessed with clouds lately. Hmm, well, not lately, but since summer of 2010. The storm clouds across the New Mexico desert, plateau in the background—this started it. At first I was thinking I could do something with it in my weaving, but soon realized that I really don’t want to dye and weave with various shades of gray.

Along with this obsession about clouds came the realization that I really don’t remember much about the vocabulary of clouds. The picture above seems to be pretty clear about the different kinds of clouds. It came from here.

Clouds_WillRogers2The picture above is one that I may attempt to work with, or maybe I’ll go back to that NM picture—if I can find it, that is. The tall building is the Will Rogers tower, which is close to Will Rogers Coliseum, the domed building to the right of the tower. This whole complex is located in the arts district in Fort Worth. It’s nice to have so many art venues grouped together, although parking can sometimes become an issue.

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